Safe and Effective Gastric Bypass Surgery

Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is one of our practice's most popular bariatric surgery procedures. As leaders in weight loss services and gastric bypass surgery, Barnes Bariatric is committed to providing safe and effective weight loss solutions that enhance our patient's health and quality of life.
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Effective Gastric Bypass Surgery in the DFW Area

Understanding Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass alters the natural path of the digestive tract, bypassing a portion of the stomach and small intestine. This restricts the number of calories consumed and absorbed by the body. Gastric bypass is both restrictive and malabsorptive, and with drastically reduced hunger, the procedure is one of the most effective weight loss surgery procedures available.

Restrictive and Malabsorptive Features

Gastric bypass is restrictive, restricting food intake by closing off a portion of the stomach. It is also malabsorptive, which limits the number of calories absorbed by modifying the small intestine. As such, gastric bypass is an exceptional solution for those suffering from morbid obesity.

Pre-Operative Evaluations

The gastric bypass surgery procedure begins with pre-operative evaluations. Our medical professionals will assess the specifics of your health, your family medical history, and other vital components to assess alongside a psychological assessment to determine whether you are a candidate for gastric bypass.

Innovative Monitoring Throughout the Procedure

Dr. Barnes and his surgical team will make several small abdominal incisions during the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. A laparoscope, which allows the team to view the entire surgery on a video monitor, is then inserted into one of the incisions to make the gastric bypass surgery as precise and safe as possible.

The Gastric Bypass Surgery Procedure

The procedure involves stapling the upper stomach to create a smaller pouch, reducing the size and capacity. The small intestine is then divided into upper and lower portions, with the lower portion connected to the stomach pouch to redirect food to bypass the upper stomach and intestine. To complete the procedure, the upper part of the small intestine is connected to the lower part to allow essential digestive juices such as bile and pancreatic juice into the digestive tract. This connection point resembles a “Y,” reflected in the procedure’s name.

Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery has many benefits as it is one of the most popular and proven effective weight loss solutions. Some of the benefits include:
  • Improved blood sugar control
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Resolution of sleep apnea
  • Greater quality of life
  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem
Weight Loss Surgery Services in the DFW Area

Our Minimally Invasive Approach

Backed by years of experience, our bariatric surgical team at Barnes Bariatric, led by Dr. Gregory Barnes, ensures our patients remain as comfortable as possible during and after their gastric bypass procedure. Using a minimally invasive approach with small incisions, procedures performed by our team result in less pain and faster recovery times.

The Importance of Post-Operative Instructions

Gastric bypass surgery requires dedication to making serious changes in your life, as the road does not end after the surgery is completed. You will be supplied with after-care instructions and follow-up appointments where our specialists will keep track of your health and weight loss to ensure you are healthy and on the right track.

Learn More About Gastric Bypass Surgery Today

If you want to learn more about gastric bypass surgery and our other weight loss services at Barnes Bariatric, our medical professionals are here to assist you with compassionate care. Contact our friendly team today to schedule your gastric bypass consultation at our Plano or Dallas clinic.