Revision Weight Loss Surgery | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

Revision Weight Loss Surgery | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

About 80-plus percent of bariatric surgery recipients lose weight and keep it off, according to WebMD. But that means some patients do not find success after their initial surgery. This is usually due to either post-op complications or patient dissatisfaction with results.

Bariatric surgery patients who are not happy with their post-op progress or are experiencing complications from their procedure may benefit from revision weight loss surgery. Depending on the side effects or issues you are experiencing, revision surgery could alleviate or eliminate them.

Not sure if your complications are serious enough to count? Here are some things to look out for after your operation:

Gastric Bypass

Weight regain, Staple line failures, dilated anastomosis, or pouch, intractable ulcers, and chronic vomiting are some complications that could arise from gastric bypass surgery. While Dr. Barnes will discuss with you the best course of action, the gastric bypass is able to be completely undone, if necessary.


Failure to lose weight, Lap band slippage, ulcers, chronic food intolerance or erosions, and stomach wall deterioration are just a few of the things that could go wrong after Lap-Band surgery and may warrant the removal of the Lap-band. Revision surgery could completely reverse the banding procedure, but if you just aren’t satisfied with your results you could instead get the band tightened to reduce stomach size even further.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve patients can experience complications in the form of chronic reflux or stricture or inadequate weight loss. To help relieve these things, revision surgery can turn the sleeve into a gastric bypass for weight regain.


If you have had any type of weight loss surgery and have not been pleased with the results, it is worth your time to talk with Dr. Barnes at Barnes Bariatric Solutions about your revision weight loss options. The goal is to make you happier and healthier, so if you are gaining weight, experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, or have other problems with the way things are going post-op, you may benefit from revisions.

To request an appointment to speak with a health care professional, contact Barnes Bariatric Solutions. Don’t waste any more of your valuable time being upset about your body or your health — call today.