How Effective Is Bariatric Surgery? | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

How Effective Is Bariatric Surgery? | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

Each body is different and will respond to weight loss surgery in different ways. Some people will lose weight quickly and keep it off indefinitely, while others may struggle a little more but find their overall health has improved. No two patients have the same experiences, but here are some reasons why results are subjective:

Your Post-Op Regimen

Weight loss surgery is not a cure-all. Even after the procedure, you need to continue following a healthy diet and exercising daily to make sure that you take the weight off and don’t put it back on a short time later. According to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, up to half of the bariatric surgery patients gain back a little weight a couple of years afterward, but studies have shown that most patients sustain their weight loss over time.

The Type of Surgery You Have

Lap-Bands, gastric bypass, gastric sleeves and other weight-loss surgeries all have different statistics regarding success. Of those who have gastric bypass surgery, for instance, more than 95 percent of them shed more than half of their excess body weight. Lap-Band recipients often lose 35 percent of their excess weight in the first year and continue to lose afterward as well. Bariatric surgeries come with trade-offs, though, according to WebMD. While considering your options, be sure to weigh your risk versus your reward.

Your Support System

Your body will be going through some major changes, and having supportive friends, family, or fellow patients on-call to help you through difficult times can go a long way toward your level of success. Support can come in many ways — maybe you’ve found an exercise buddy, a dieting partner, or a friend who will listen if you call them at 2 in the morning to talk through a particularly bad food craving. With the right people backing you up, your weight loss and health will likely thrive.

If you would rather have a third party aiding you on your path, or just someone else to add to the pool, there are likely counselors in your area.

To hear more about individual success stories and Dr. Barnes’ abilities to help, check out these testimonials from happy patients, one of whom lost more than 60 pounds in just six months.

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