Bariatric Surgery Is Affordable! Find Out How! | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

Bariatric Surgery Is Affordable! Find Out How! | Barnes Bariatric Solutions

You want to lose weight and are motivated to do so, but you don’t think your wallet is thick enough. That is something many people struggle with in health care. And you know what? Most of them would shrug and forever dream about what could have been. But you do not have to! Weight loss surgery is affordable on any budget! And you can start the process now rather than spending the next few years pinching pennies.

First, ask yourself the most glaring and obvious question:

Does Your Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery?

Check with your insurance provider to see whether your coverage would include bariatric weight loss surgery. Many plans now cover weight loss surgery to keep you healthy! The healthier you are, the better for the company. Give your provider a call or check your policy to see which weight loss surgeries it might cover.

If your insurance provider does not cover surgery, do not worry! There are still other options available to you:

Carecredit Can Likely Cover You

Barnes Bariatric Solutions accepts CareCredit for surgery financing. CareCredit, celebrating its 30th year in business, offers a “financing option for treatments and procedures that typically are not covered by insurance, or for times when insurance doesn’t cover the full amount,” according to its website. You can even fill out an application online to see whether you are eligible for a CareCredit card!

Do Not Forget About Loans!

Many local and national banks will also give loans for surgical reasons. You could find out how much you can afford to pay upfront and then only take a loan for the remainder to keep those costs down, as well! Depending on your bank’s interest rate, your monthly payment could be much lower than a traditional medical bill, too.

Last Resort? Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

Your friends, family members, colleagues and even complete strangers on the internet may help you cover some of the cost with a compelling campaign on a crowdfunding website! Remember, everyone just wants what is best for you and your health.

In short, you can afford the weight loss surgery solution that you crave! A few quick phone calls are all that stand in your way now. Get on it!